It’s great that you have finally joined your local gym or health center, but do you know what you are doing when you go there? If your answer is along the lines of ‘I’ll just do what everyone else is doing’ then I have bad news for you, which is that you really don’t know the first thing about going to the gym.

Ok, now that we have established that a large number of you need help, please read on to find out the right way of maximizing your gym time to get that desired ripped body that you want.

Goals & Milestones: You need to set both Long Term Goals and Shot Term Milestones for yourself because if you have concrete goals, you can measure yourself to see the progress and this progress is what will motivate you when the going gets tough. You should write them down and read them before and after your workout as a key factor in which many fails is that they stray from their goals and settle for second best which is sometimes you should stay away from at all costs.

Medical Assessment: You need to take the goals you have written down to your general physician and ask if there are any physical limitations that need be placed on the workout schedule so that you can avoid the risk of injury. Some medicines also can be a negative factor for workouts they should also be shown to your physician for his approval and you should also ask if you should be taking health supplements such as TestoRip X to further assist with achieving your defined goals.

Find a Workout Partner: While most only see the end result of going to the gym as the ripped chiseled bodies of bodybuilders, what they forget is that the same body builders go the gym every day to put in the extreme amount of hard work and practice. And it is not an easy task to achieve alone, especially when you are just getting started. So, these professional often workout with their workout partners to better motivate as well as assist each other. You should do the same, but remember to pick someone who is dependable, determined and who is in the same skill level as you as this helps when you do weight training and your weights and speeds are similar.

Workout Program: Next would be forming a workout program where you will decide when you do what for how long and how much of it do you do. It is best to ask the professionals, namely the fitness instructors that all gyms have available onsite. Show the fitness instructors your goals as well as any medical restrictions your physician has applied to form a good well-balanced workout program that is achievable.

Start Your Workout: Now that you have done the groundwork, it’s time to start your workout. You have to remember that the first steps can often be the hardest so you need to remember your goals and milestone as well as your workout partner who is also depending on you. Small milestones like starting small and increasing incrementally have shown to be very effective. For example, if you are doing cardio, and you run for 30 mins at 7km/hr., you can run for 32 mins tomorrow and 34 mins the day after; so on.

Healthier Food Consumption: While you have now started to have regular gym workouts, you still need to consider what it is you are eating for the energy you need at the gym. TestoRip X health supplement has shown excellent performance in helping others gain that ripped body you desire when taken by the same professionals you talked to before, so you should consider it too.